My favorite snack: almond yogurt awesomeness

What’s your favorite thing to eat when you get the midday munchies? Mine is this almond yogurt concoction I came up with. It’s just plain yogurt + almond butter + maple syrup, all mixed together. I eat it at work all the time.

When I ate this mixed with Grape Nuts at my desk one day my coworker told me it looked like porridge. Totally does!


The 10 cheapest ways to enjoy Las Vegas

When I tell people I recently returned from a trip to Las Vegas, they all act surprised. I don’t drink or gamble or like the night club scene, so what could I possibly enjoy in Vegas?

Thing is, Vegas expects you to spend your money doing all of those things. So, to entice you to go there, everything else is cheaper. (I could otherwise title this blog “How to enjoy Vegas sober.”) Every resort is trying to outdo the other by offering free amenities and shows. This means, you can go on a fun trip to the “city of lost wages” without spending much money. It just takes a little foresight.



A journalist’s guide to spending and saving to get the most out of life

It’s no secret that newspaper reporters don’t make very much money. They’re some of the lowest paid professionals with four-year degrees that you’ll find in the workforce.

But, my job covering crime and breaking news for the local paper, means I come in contact with people who are much, much worse off than I am. One day, I’ll be whining and thinking I’m behind my peers when it comes to pay, when I meet a person twice my age who just lost their house or who can’t afford to bury their child that just died in a car accident. It puts your wealth into perspective.

Photo courtesy of 401(K) 2013


Edible patio plants

I’m back from a blogging hiatus. While writing a bigger, longer post I came across a hiccup in the writing process and didn’t blog much this month.

But, I’m BACK!! And I have a fun little project to share. This last weekend, I decided to invest in some patio plants to grow at our apartment: kale, baby lettuce and a thornless raspberry bush. And I say “invest” because it was actually a pretty expensive to buy three plants, two giant pots, two bags of potting soil and a shovel. (That said, the raspberry bush was $30 and the most expensive thing that I bought.)



What is your dream home?

I’ve been thinking about homes a lot lately…

Image via pnwra
Image via pnwra

I recently wrote this story about a family constructing their dream home on 7 acres. They’re trying to build sustainably, using some materials on the land itself and local workers whenever possible. I’m also working on another story that quizzes people on which type of neighborhood in Vancouver, Wash. they belong in (suburb, city, rural, etc.). Everyone I talked to absolutely loved where they lived, which made me realize there’s advantages and disadvantages to every place.