I might be a familiar face.

Oh, you don't recognize me? Let me twirl my hair for you.
Oh, you don’t recognize me? Let me twirl my hair for you.

A couple of years ago before I became a newspaper reporter, I had a blog called “Yoga, yum, yes.” It was a healthy living blog that talked about things like what I packed for lunch, my favorite yoga poses and how to cook with kale. In time, I lost interest and felt a little constrained and intimidated by the healthy living umbrella, which I started to believe only included a few select topics. “Yoga, yum, yes” fell to the wayside and I was left wondering how best to start over.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized health and life are all sort of mushed together. You take your health wherever you go in whatever you do. I also thought about how the blogs that I return to again and again are lifestyle blogs, where I feel like I really get to know the author. I read about them and their interests and see how those interests are carried out in many parts of their lives. (Which is really neat! And rarely ever creepy.)

That’s the idea here. You can expects posts on just about anything I like to do or read about:

  • I’m very detail-oriented…bordering on obsessive…when it comes to plotting day trips, weekend getaways and vacations. My travel ideas and suggestions will end up here. (Even if I don’t actually go, it’s still fun to dream and plan!)
  • Most every day, I cook or bake, so you can expect recipes or what I like to call “recipe splicing” (more on that later!).
  • I frequently shop online, so I may give you a heads up about online sales or pieces that I like.
  • Anticipate occasional book reviews or recommendations or quotes, as I’m getting into the habit of reading before bed (it helps me sleep).
  • Like any decent journalist, I start my mornings with a little news; commentary on whatever sparks my interest could be blog fodder.

It’s a short list, but I think you get the idea. Thanks for visiting! I hope you’ll stick around.

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