Do you ever go thrift shopping? Thrift store finds are my favorite way to decorate. You can find all these neat trinkets and vases and paintings for not a lot of money. It’s a nice change of pace from what you find at the big box stores. (Don’t get me wrong! I find plenty of useful home goods at those stores.)

Every once in a while I get a “thrift sense”. It’s like a little voice in my head that says ‘Go to the thrift store. Now.’

I had one of those moments this morning and went to a store that’s just a few minutes drive from my house. It’s my favorite thrift shop because the prices are really fair, it’s easy to navigate and it benefits the Humane Society of Southwest Washington. (The slogan for their stores should be ‘find a treasure, feed a puppy.’)

They’re moving, so I happened to catch them on a day when all of their merchandise was being sold per pound. As in, 25 cents per pound. Crazy deals! Home decor homerun!

Love, love, love cheap home decor.
Love, love, love cheap home decor.

So, I spent a whopping $2.85 on all the things I found: a watercolor painting, salt and pepper shakers, three matching canisters, a decorative vase, a handmade bowl, a tea kettle and some plastic hangers. Yep. For less than the price of a fancy espresso drink, I redecorated my apartment.

This might sound a little crazy (maybe I’m still buzzing from the good deals), but I think in a way thrift shopping can be empowering. If you look around and know how to select quality items, you can get really nice stuff for not a lot of money. Just goes to show you that you don’t have to be rich to have a rich life or to have nice things. (But, you do have to have time and patience, so there’s that caveat.)

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