After a hectic few days at work, I’m already aching for the weekend. In two days, there have been two workplace shootings that turned into national stories and I had a big project due Tuesday night.

Today, I’m home sick with a sore throat, but I’m determined to not let it ruin my first full two-day weekend in a while.


I came across this sale that happens once or twice a year in Portland. A bunch of the city’s boutiques get together in one place and discount all of their merchandise. It’s called PDX Collective Sale and it runs this weekend at the Ace Hotel.

There are some great boutiques in Portland, though many are outside of my price range. I’m hoping the great deals they’re touting really are great deals. (Not like, ‘hey! This is $200 instead of $450!’) For the most part, I like boutiques. If the buyer has good taste in clothing and knows how to pick out high-quality fabrics, you can find some nice pieces that you won’t see in big box stores. Typically, boutiques are more expensive, but I’ve occasionally scored deals at boutiques that were way better than their retail counterparts.

Anyway, I haven’t gone before, so why not? It sounds like a good time.

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