Unfortunately, the PDX Collective Sale I talked about in my last post has been postponed due to wintry weather. I can still see a nice thick blanket of snow outside my window.

via Nordstrom
via Nordstrom

The PDX Collective Sale is off, I did do a little online shopping this week. I’ve been eyeing this red lucky brand sweater for a while and waited for it to go on sale. Nordstrom has it for $35 (down from $120!!). The reason this sweater hasn’t been selling well in any of its retailers I think is because it’s sized funny.

I actually bought this sweater from Macy’s first in a size medium, but I returned it because it just swallowed me up. There was way too much fabric and the length was not attractive (I’m just about 5’5”). I ended up going with an extra-small at Nordstrom to get the look that I wanted and that I’ve seen on the models. Cute sweater, but you definitely have to size down.

The Nordstrom closest to my house is actually closing. I can’t say that I’m totally surprised, but I will miss going there during the semi-annual sales to get jeans.

Anyway, I’m still a bit sick with a sore throat and a stuffy nose. I started reading Various Positions to keep me occupied. If I finish that this weekend, I might move onto The Descendants. I really liked the movie version with George Clooney.

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