I’ve been thinking about homes a lot lately…

Image via pnwra
Image via pnwra

I recently wrote this story about a family constructing their dream home on 7 acres. They’re trying to build sustainably, using some materials on the land itself and local workers whenever possible. I’m also working on another story┬áthat quizzes people on which type of neighborhood in Vancouver, Wash. they belong in (suburb, city, rural, etc.). Everyone I talked to absolutely loved where they lived, which made me realize there’s advantages and disadvantages to every place.

As you might imagine, homeownership has slipped into my mind lately. Someday, I hope to buy a home, though I’m not sure when that will happen.

For one, I’m young and don’t want to set my roots in any particular place just yet. I’m also ridiculously indecisive, so I can imagine buying a home would be a tough process for me. Building a custom home would be even worse! I could never make a decision about anything. Lights? Flooring?

If I had to list the most important things to me, I would say having enough square-footage to exercise, along with some outdoor space for a little bit of gardening, being in walking/biking distance of conveniences and entertainment, and having a well-equipped kitchen. Energy efficiency is pretty important to me, too.

Walkability tends to be hard to come by along the west coast. The cities here just aren’t as neatly laid out as they are on the east coast. Though I’ve heard sprawl is way worse in southern California than it is in southern Washington. I imagine living in a walkable neighborhood would require me being in a more urban area, which I wouldn’t mind. City living has been my favorite experience so far, despite growing up on acreage in a wooded area. (When I took my own quiz, I got the urban area.)

What would your dream home look like?

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