I’m back from a blogging hiatus. While writing a bigger, longer post I came across a hiccup in the writing process and didn’t blog much this month.

But, I’m BACK!! And I have a fun little project to share. This last weekend, I decided to invest in some patio plants to grow at our apartment: kale, baby lettuce and a thornless¬†raspberry¬†bush. And I say “invest” because it was actually a pretty expensive to buy three plants, two giant pots, two bags of potting soil and a shovel. (That said, the raspberry bush was $30 and the most expensive thing that I bought.)


I’ve been thinking about having a garden since last summer, when I went to the Clark County Fair on a reporting assignment. I covered a booth about edible landscaping and growing produce in small spaces. So, basically, I talked with knowledgable folks who explained how you could grow delicious fruits and veggies in pots on an apartment patio.

I became ridiculously excited about all the possibilities, despite never really gardening before. Growing up, my parents didn’t do any gardening. In fact, I remember getting pretty upset when my dad mowed over our raspberry bush one summer. (All that delicious fruit! Gone!)

But, I did grow up loving to play outside and make things outside. When we were planting this weekend, it harkened back to those fun times playing in the dirt.

I really really really hope this turns out well. Alex thinks “some punk kid” is going to come by our patio and pee on the plants. But, I think they will be just fine with a little lovin’ (and some fertilizer).

Someday, when I live in a house with a backyard, I would love to experiment with more gardening and plants. I even started scoping out volunteer gardening opportunities, where I might be able to pick the brains of more experienced gardeners.

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