aboutmeI was born in Portland, Ore. and grew up in the country just north, on the other side of the river in Washington state. After graduating from Western Washington University in 2010, I lived in Seattle for a bit, worked in a tall, shiny building downtown, and then moved to Chicago for a year after that. I returned to the Portland area, where I now live in a small apartment with my boyfriend. (That’s him, in the picture. Isn’t he cute?)

Living in the Pacific Northwest is all about enjoying the great outdoors (when it’s not cold and rainy out). There are gorgeous hiking spots east of me, along the Columbia River, and beaches to the west. I often feel wanderlust and spend free time plotting weekend trips.

I cover breaking news at a local daily newspaper. It can be fast-paced, lots of fun and helps you develop a wicked sense of dark humor, but it can also be tragic and scary. I think when you have to deal with those things day after day, though, it makes you a bit stronger and a bit more understanding of people’s reactions to bad things. Occasionally, I get to write longer, in-depth stories that make me feel more connected with the people that I write about and remind me of why I do what I do.

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