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A little help would be really kinda awesome

Remember how I was debating about going to the Cannon Beach Yoga Festival? Well, I ended up buying a pass to their one day of meditative/restorative yoga, which is next Friday. The rest of the festival is Saturday and Sunday.

KIND Snacks is offering a free 2-day festival pass to the winner of their photo contest! Entrants have to submit a photo of themselves being kind to…themselves. And, well, my morning time spent doing yoga/pilates/barre is probably my calmest, most selfishly kind moment of each day. I love the time I get to dedicate in the morning to having fun with different poses and movements. And I love making up new sequences.

It’s like a game, kind of.

Having fun doing a little late morning yoga.
Having fun doing a little late morning yoga.

Heck, I don’t even know if what I’m photographed doing is a real yoga pose. But, I know yoga is about feeling good and trying out new things and finding what works for you. This mix of wheel/reverse plank always feels nice to me.

Anyway, I would really appreciate it if you could like my photo on the Cannon Beach Yoga Festival’s Facebook page or you can find the Facebook page with the corresponding hashtags for the contest. I submitted my photo kind of late (uh, the contest ends tonight), but I’m optimistic about possibly, maybe getting to experience the full festival or an extra day (without experiencing the drain to my bank account).

I’m so excited either way, whether I win something or not. Next weekend will be fun. And Alex was hilarious while he was taking photos of me this morning, pretending to be a paparazzi. I don’t really have any photos lying around of me doing yoga, and I haven’t been in a studio with mirrored walls for a long time, so I normally don’t see what practicing yoga looks like from the outside.

All I know is that it feels amazing inside, and that’s what counts!