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A little help would be really kinda awesome

Remember how I was debating about going to the Cannon Beach Yoga Festival? Well, I ended up buying a pass to their one day of meditative/restorative yoga, which is next Friday. The rest of the festival is Saturday and Sunday.

KIND Snacks is offering a free 2-day festival pass to the winner of their photo contest! Entrants have to submit a photo of themselves being kind to…themselves. And, well, my morning time spent doing yoga/pilates/barre is probably my calmest, most selfishly kind moment of each day. I love the time I get to dedicate in the morning to having fun with different poses and movements. And I love making up new sequences.

It’s like a game, kind of.

Having fun doing a little late morning yoga.
Having fun doing a little late morning yoga.

Heck, I don’t even know if what I’m photographed doing is a real yoga pose. But, I know yoga is about feeling good and trying out new things and finding what works for you. This mix of wheel/reverse plank always feels nice to me.

Anyway, I would really appreciate it if you could like my photo on the Cannon Beach Yoga Festival’s Facebook page or you can find the Facebook page with the corresponding hashtags for the contest. I submitted my photo kind of late (uh, the contest ends tonight), but I’m optimistic about possibly, maybe getting to experience the full festival or an extra day (without experiencing the drain to my bank account).

I’m so excited either way, whether I win something or not. Next weekend will be fun. And Alex was hilarious while he was taking photos of me this morning, pretending to be a paparazzi. I don’t really have any photos lying around of me doing yoga, and I haven’t been in a studio with mirrored walls for a long time, so I normally don’t see what practicing yoga looks like from the outside.

All I know is that it feels amazing inside, and that’s what counts!


To go or not to go – the Cannon Beach Yoga Festival

I was exploring the Travel Oregon website the other day to see what kinds of events were going on in the coastal towns. After I found a couple of kite festivals and a sand castle building contest that I’m hoping to go to this summer, I stumbled upon something that really sparked my interest: the Cannon Beach Yoga Festival.

Yoga and beaches go together like peanut butter and honey.

Cannon Beach is gorgeous little coastal community with a giant rock formation called Haystack Rock. The small city is sprinkled with shops and galleries, but it’s not too touristy or crowded. For whatever reason, Cannon Beach always gets passed up for Seaside to the north or Lincoln City to the south (the more touristy beaches). The last time I can remember going to Cannon Beach, I was a senior in high school. I’m definitely game for another visit.

So, we know the beach is fantastic, but what is a yoga festival? It’s a weekend of meditation and yoga workshops. The workshops are on topics like perfecting balance poses, opening your hips, doing backbends without pain, etc. I’m almost inclined to go just because I’ve never done anything like that before. It’s February 28 through March 2.

I’ve gone to a lot of yoga classes at gyms, colleges and private studios with mixed success. Although I’ve enjoyed most of my experiences and would consider myself an intermediate student (and even think about being a yoga teacher myself), I don’t think I’ve ever had any formal training about particular yoga techniques. I tend to practice on my own at home and do sequences that feel good to me.

Haystack Rock…and its little baby sea stacks. Precious.

The festival sounds like it could be an eye-opening, yet relaxing experience (yoga by the beach = perfection), but it costs the not-so relaxing price of $325-$350 for the weekend festival. Gahhh? That’s the price of a Southern California City Pass, which includes admission to Universal Studios, SeaWorld and a three-day park hopper pass to Disneyland and California Adventure.

Okay, so those experiences are probably not on par with each other and there is, I would imagine, little waiting in line at the yoga festival. I’m also encouraging myself to spend money on experiences rather than things. Still, seems like a lot of shell out for a couple workshops each day. It’s otherwise $40/hour for each class or $220 for a Saturday day pass or $180 for the Sunday day pass.

There’s also the question of who would I go with? Would I go alone? Will there be people my age or mostly older folks who have been practicing yoga for a long time?

There are some cute sweatshirts and tank tops for the festival.

Last year, I learned about Wanderlust — the big honcho when it comes to yoga festivals. (In fact, the Oahu Wanderlust is happening at the same time as the Cannon Beach Yoga Festival.) They’re held year-round across the U.S., but there aren’t any near Portland, Ore. It seems like they’re missing a market opportunity there!

What I may end up doing is the all-day intensive that Friday, which costs $115. It’s basically a day of guided meditation, restorative yoga and a catered lunch. (The other options don’t include meals.)

I don’t suppose panicing over whether or not to go is a very yogi thing to do. But, if I do go, you can be sure I’ll blog about it. I’m checking out the lodging options that offer free wifi.